Lemon For Your Skin

lemongirl1 Sometimes we become so very oversensitive about our skin that we often forget  that to take good care of the skin we do not need to burn a hole in our pocket.

Sometimes ordinary fruits and vegetables that are available cheaply in the market are quite beneficial for the skin like lemon.

It is perhaps one fruit that is consumed regularly in households directly and added as secondary tough ups in many dishes to enhance their flavour.  However apart from the edible qualities lemon has also several usages for the skin. To know more read on:

To Lighten the skin:

Lemon juice has a strong astringent in it that has proven effects on the skin specially in the lightening of the skin. If the elbow region becomes darkened then mix lemon juice and sugar and rub gently over the area till the sugar granules dissolve. Repeat this thrice every week and you will see the darkness will lighten.

The lips also tend to get darker due to nicotine stains for the chain smokers. Apply lemon juice and leave it on the lips overnight and within 15 days you will see that the dark patches are lightened slowly.

For Hair:

The astringent action along with Vitamin C present in lemon juice also improve hair quality and also give shine to the hair. After washing your hair you can mix 1 part lemon juice with 10 part water and apply on the hair. D not wash and leave it. You can also mix the juice with tea liquor and after washing leave it on the hair.

For Skin:

Those of you who have oily skin and lot of pimples or want to use a natural toner can use lemon juice. You can use lemon juice mixed with your face pack and apply on the skin. You can also use grated lemon skin , on your skin for rejuvenating freshness after bath, and also before bath.