Leggings and Skinny Jeans are Great Apparel Options

Jeans and leggings are two apparels that have not gone out of fashion. The skinny jeans though are a relatively new fashion style, but the leggings have been around for fifty years or so.

Today, the jeans and the leggings are also seen in a combined form, where the tight fit jeans are stretchable to a limit and have the legs just like a legging does.

These clothing items can be worn and carried impeccably provided you choose the right type of legging or jeans. The choice of color and the jeans must go with the top that you choose to wear it with.

The first thing to choose in leggings is the cloth material. It should be very comfortable. Once the right legging is selected, you can opt for the right style easily.

Lets us assume that you have a heavy build. It is suggested that you wear faded pattern in jeans in dark blue or black. A long tunic or a long t-shirt that falls lower than the hips will help you look more graceful because this attire helps hide the thighs that bear the extra fat.

In case of leggings, choose leggings whose length ranges from the calf length to ankles.

In case you are a petite individual, then it is suggested that the skin tight jeans has a ten inch leg opening. The color is up to you, shaded or not, both will look good if you wear trendy blouses and tops, which are slightly long. Where leggings are concerned, choose dark colors and combine it with ballet flats and skimmers for the best looks.

If you are tall, then it is suggested you use stylish flats with the leggings and the same goes for anyone wearing leggings which are of ankle length.

Another great way to wear the leggings is by combining it with a miniskirt. Usually, dark colored leggings and a light colored dress is preferred because they tend to highlight the contrast and the concentration rests on the top while the legging serves as a background.

Leggings and tunics give an impeccable winter looks along with being wonderfully snug and warm.