Leg Slimming Exercises

Every woman wishes to get slim and sexy legs no matter how she denies it. strangely, women often ignore exercising for that area of body and concentrate more on the upper body part.

Well it is not recommended since the toning of the body should be done completely to avoid looking odd. Thigh area, calves and hip shape can change the way you look which is why you must definitely learn some exercises to take a good care of them.

For strong legs, you must begin building stamina by cardio workouts and strength training at a local gym. But for perfect legs, it takes more than just doing these simple exercises. The first and the most recommended exercise is squeezing the quads.

For that you must lay straight on the back and put your hands aside over the floor. Take the right leg out and place the other foot against the floor. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and then change legs.

Repeat the same process again. As for reps, 10 are fine. Do it daily for 15 minutes and you would see a remarkable change in the shape of your legs.

For working out on the thigh area, simple exercise is there. In this you just require to sit on floor with a straight back. Again put the hands aside on the floor and bend the right leg’s knee and extend the other leg right in front of you.

Raise this leg as much as you can away from the floor and then hold the position for 10 seconds. Change legs and do 10 reps with the same process. You would notice slimmer thighs in a week time only.

For the hamstring muscle, you need to work hard. If you wish to have a slim look then sit on a chair with back straight and foot over the ground. Make a grip of chair sides near to the area of hip.

Exhale and straighten the right leg while doing it. Keep rising till you make leg become parallel to floor. Hold for 5 seconds and then change position. So these were the exercises meant for your legs.