Leaving Your Baby At The Child Care

13 The arrival of the baby brings in lots of excitement into the life of the parents.  But after a few weeks when it’s time for the mother to get back to work, the excitement takes the side lane and the mother is surrounded with feelings of uncertainty.

However prudent, you may have been in selecting your childcare provider, and no matter what methods of security you may have ensured, it is never easy to leave your newborn and get back to work.

Once in a way you might have even thought of giving up your career and just sticking to raising your child, but unfortunately it may not be possible because of economic conditions. As a mother you may experience some distress for the first few weeks when you get back to work, but soon enough things will get settled down.

The plus points

While your mind may twinge with lots and lots of doubts and the possible downsides of raising your child at the childcare, there are lots of benefits too. For one, children at day care or child care centers become early learners.  And while your child learns to talk and walk earlier, being in the company of other children will help him earn to socialize better. The child will enjoy the company of other children and will also learn to adjust with other people.

Raising your baby at home involves a lot of hard work and many a times it becomes monotonous and dull, leaving you with an intense craving to get some respite from your babysitting duties. You as an adult need some adult company and some work to liberate your mind, and that won’t be possible if you plan to raise your child at home all by yourself.

Keep the bonding strong

Since hectic work schedules, may prevent you from spending too much of time with your baby, whatever little time you do share with your baby, let it be quality time. Devote a few hours completely to playing around with him or reading stories to him.

Leave your detailed contacts with the child care provider, so that he or she can contact you not just in case of an emergency, but also to tell you if your child does something special on any day.

Sidharth Thakur