Learning To Love Yourself

Everybody is narcissistic to some level. If you aren’t, you have found a saint in you. But there’s a difference between loving yourself and being narcissistic. A little bit of blowing your own trumpet, at least in your own mind, is not going to hurt anyone.

It’s necessary to keep up your self esteem and keep yourself from developing a major inferiority complex. But being humble, again, is different from low self confidence. Being confident about yourself and loving yourself is  a natural catalyst to push yourself towards success. When you know you are good, you won’t be afraid to try that thing you always secretly wanted to.

The beginning of this journey of self realization of how amazing you are is to figure out your good qualities. So, get a paper and start writing down all your good qualities. Recognize your talents and all the good sides of you so that you’d know that you are not really as bad as you thought you were.

Accept the way you are. It’s especially hard to accept yourself when you happen to be really different from others like homosexual or a trans-gendered or someone who loves cross dressing. No matter how freakish you happen to be, or how fat or skinny you are, tell yourself that you are as good and beautiful as, everybody else. One best way to do this is to stop comparing yourself with others and see yourself for what you are.

There is no definition for right or wrong. What might be right for one person may be wrong for another, and vice versa. It’s natural to wish to be complimented by others, but once you realize that all the times you won’t be praised, and there will be instances when you’ll be criticized, you’ll adjust better with the situation.

So, you are not perfect, you have made tons of mistakes, don’t look like the most beautiful person that’s ever walked this planet. Life doesn’t come with instructions.  But you should remember that you do have the most beautiful personality that others would wish they had.

Don’t worry about nobody looking at you or caring about you. Once you begin to love yourself and enjoy the way you are, your confidence naturally shows and people would naturally start getting attracted to you. All you need to do is show that you are the best and people will eventually believe it too.

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