Learn To Wear Your Denim The Right Way

skinny-jeans Runway goddesses and super models can wear denim the way they like and still make a good fashion statement, but away from the ramp, the common women needs to understand a few basic things about wearing denim to create the right impression. Let’s take a look at what all you need to mull over to make some exquisite and solid statement with denim.

The fit

Well fitting jeans will always bring out the best part of your silhouettes, helping you to create an impeccable style. So spend some time and walk that extra mile, to understand what the right jeans style for your body type is.

Where to wear

The diehard jeans fanatics must understand that no matter how exclusive your jeans may be, you just can’t wear them to every place or for every occasion. Although, jeans are supposed to be casual wear, if you know how to wear them right you could even carry them to nightclubs or semi formal occasions. But when it’s time to attending corporate events or completely formal occasions, your jeans need to stay out of the scene.

Don’t get ripped by fleeting fashion

Low-waist, hipsters and skinny jeans trend and styles which make fleeting appearances every now and then, and are best suited to certain body shapes only. While picking up one or two of the latest style isn’t a bad idea, let most of your denim collection be around the more forgiving and more long-lasting styles, such as straight leg and boot cut in medium to high waist.

Don’t show your butt cleavage

Although this style is very popular with most teenagers, in true fashion sense it is just the worst show you can put up. The butt cleavage peeking out of your jeans waistband is both unsightly and tacky, so even if you would want to wear low waist jeans, wear a top or shirt in a length that extends a little beyond the waistband, even when you’re sitting.

Sidharth Thakur