Learn To Say ‘No’


sayno Unless you are an exception, you’re most likely to refrain from talking or doing things that may hurt other people. That’s very natural and very normal for almost all human beings, because somewhere deep inside we’re truly bound by the precincts of social norms and good behavior. Now, the biggest problem that this behavior poses is that most of us are unable to say No or turn down somebody’s offer, when that’s what we ought to be doing.

With specific relevance to love relationships, it’s important that we learn to say No, when the guy asking you out for a date, isn’t your type. Just for the sake of social courtesy you can’t accept his proposal, and go with him, while the whole deal makes you woozy inside. Dating somebody out of compulsion can never turn into a long term relationship, so you must learn to say a polite yet firm No.

Cautious women, who are watchful of their language and their words, may find it difficult to decline somebody’s offer. However their free and frank counterparts never hesitate to say No, if they don’t feel up to something. There are lots of people who can never say no, and instead try tricks like avoiding conversations or phone calls to maintain a distance. But well, this strategy is neither polite nor right. All this will simply strain the situation, without lending any clear meaning to your actions.

It’s understandable that you don’t want the other person to feel bad, but then there are always politer ways to decline an offer, without hurting anybody. You don’t have to resort to criticism or negative talking to express your disinterest in the other person, rather you could push the message subtly like “you’re a nice person or a nice friend, but I don’t think I can fit with you”. So, instead of lingering on things, it’s wiser to use some refined and well composed lines to decline somebody’s offer.

Sidharth Thakur