Layered Hairstyles – For A Modern Updated Look

Hollywood celebrities Mandy Moore, Tara Reid, Kate Beckinsale and Salma Hayek have all sported layered hairstyles at one point or the other. The layered hairstyle gives the wearer a modern, updated, flirty and fun appearance. 

Layered hairstyles whether cut short or kept long can add volume and texture to your hair besides adding that glam quotient. However not every woman can carry off a layered hairstyle with élan.

Layered haircuts can be incorporated into a variety of hairstyles. From ‘sedu’ hairstyles; to bangs, bobs or teen up dos can all feature the layered cut for a stylish appearance. The proper type of layered hairstyle can make a woman a head turner. Layered hairstyles work best on women with naturally straight or wavy hair.

Layered hairstyles do not look good on people with very curly hair. Women, who like to experiment with their hair styles frequently, should not go in for the layered cut.

A layered hairstyle is created by taking a few strands of hair and cutting them at dissimilar angles. One can choose between a choppy layered haircut which is created by cutting the hair with unique chunking shears, or razors. Choppy layered hairstyle creates an irregular or uneven look. If you want to sport a regular layered cut, you can choose a style with the layer length increasing from the top to the bottom. This cut is ideally suited for women with long hair.

Women opt for the layered hairstyle because it surrounds the face and gives the wearer a soft appearance. Layered hairstyles draws attention to the cheekbones and eyes of a person and women with high cheekbones or beautiful eyes should definitely try this hairstyle. Layered haircuts add volume to the hair. Styling a layered haircut is much simpler than most other hairstyles. People with excessively damaged hair should try the layered haircut.

There are many different ways to style a layered haircut. Your layered haircut can be made to look sleek with the help of a flat iron. For a sexier appearance, sweep back your layered hair into a high ponytail and allow a few strands to frame the face. You can also opt for the wavy look by using a curling iron.

Take care for your layered hairstyle with regular trims and deep conditioning the hair.