Latest Trend in Jewelry

Trends in jewelry in contemporary times have undergone a drastic change. The traditional slim and elegant designs are completely out of fashion.

Nowadays people prefer the chunky, hefty, huge, colorful and sometimes even bohemian designs in jewelry. Now it’s all about the dazzle of the jewelry rather than the sophistication.

The latest trend in jewelry includes accessories which are carved in ornate designs and present an extravagant look. The vintage styles of earlier eras are back in fashion replacing the sophistication of recent times. People prefer accessories in layered or textured patterns which display a grand façade.

The structures of jewelry are designed in a way that the edges appear sharp and angular. These days jewelry is made from 22 or 24 karat gold signifying the bent of people towards indulgence and luxury. A trend of blending precious metals with organic metals is on the rise.

Platinum is now becoming quite popular. Metals like silver and bronze are carved in chunky jewelry pieces. They add bling to the pieces while keeping the costs low and economical.

Another latest trend in jewelry includes knots that add dazzle and extravagance to the jewelry designs. Jewelry pieces are carved with motifs of flowers, fringes, animal formations, leaves, etc. Snakes, cats, panthers, birds and sea creatures make a recurrent appearance in jewelry deigns and motifs.Long and wide earrings are in vogue these days.

Women prefer danglers and chandelier style earrings to subtle and sophisticated pearl earrings. There has been a persistent increase in the trend of hoops in the past few years. Necklaces and pendants are now available in a hefty and dramatic look. Collar necklaces, chokers, etc are hot favorites this season. Chunky and raw pieces of precious stones are topping the charts in jewelry designs.

A drastic change has also been witnessed in the trend of bracelets and bangles. Thick and stocky bangles are in fashion. For a chic look, link bracelets are a great idea. Experiments are being made not only with the material but with the shape of the bangles as well. Square or hexagon shaped bangles are the first preference of teenage girls.