Latest Style Trends – Toe Rings

Toe rings are now a fashion statement that is welcoming to women of all ages. This is an accessory that is native to Indian women who wear the rings as a sing of the marriage. Some other cultures have their women wear these toe rings for the same reason.

These rings have been around for centuries and they are making their way into main stream fashion in a big way. There are several styles of rings that are available. If you are keen or wearing a toe ring; I have a few tips that will help you make your choice on the ring that suits you best.

A flat toe ring with a pattern is perfect for those occasions when you are wearing a black and white outfit or a formal outfit. The pattern does not overwhelm your outfit and it adds to the elegance of your attire. The toe ring will compliment your look.

If you are a person on the go and are mostly in casual outfits then a plain silver toe ring will suit you best. This ring does not need too much maintenance, it can be worn with several different outfits and it you can keep it on for long periods of time. This is a simple ring that attracts attention to your feet.

Toe rings with charms on them have a fun and flirtatious look. These rings can be worn during summer when you wear flip flops of flat shoes. They look elegant and add an element of fun to your outfit. However if you are a sports person than I would advice you to stay away from this type of a tor ring as it can hurt your toes when you play.

Nautical toe rings are those that have hints of the ocean life in them. This is common with wives of sailors, those that live by the ocean side and those on vacation. This toe ring signifies ones love for the water or dependence on it. These rings come with a variety of symbols and ocean animals. This will help you to wear your favorite animal on your toes.

Diamond studded toe rings are very popular; however they are not for every day use. These rings can be worn of special occasions and fancy events.

As you can see there is a toe ring to suit every style and event; so don’t feel shy start hunting for your own toe ring or ring collection.