Latest Hair Color Trends

Different years are marked with different colors and tones as a fad. The next year is going to be more onto the creative side. Read on to know what’s going to be IN next year!

The ever sexy blond color is back next year! So if you are looking for a new shade or a new make over for the new year and are aiming for something in blond shades, try golden blond, vanilla blond, honey blond, caramel blond and, strawberry blond.

But remember that blond hair demands a well maintained hair. So, if you are not sure your hair is well kept and shiny enough, try staying away from this.

Red heads are back the coming year. So, if you are secretly in love with that gorgeous red color but afraid to try it, you don’t have to back away from it anymore as this is one of the biggest trend setter the coming year.

You can try out any shade ranging from the powerful red to reddish orange. Red is a perfect fit for freckled women! Dramatic hair colors are a fad next year. So if you are itching to try out one of those bright red shades, you can go ahead with your plan.

As for brown, no matter what season or look you are aiming for, it fits perfectly into any image. This works especially well for tanned women since it blends so well with the sun kissed color of your skin. The shades that are ‘in’ next year are the dark brown shades. You are also safe to try out the caramel and dark honey shades.

Black is a great alternative for women with pale skin. Black is a perfect color if you’d like to make your pale skin stand out and give yourself that perfect doll look.

If you’re feeling a little bold and want to try something new, one of the hottest colors next year is purple. Dark purple blends extremely well with black hair, especially if it’s streaked.

Another bold color that is a trend setter next year is orange. Orange is a tricky color and really hard to make sure it doesn’t mess your overall color. Be careful to choose the right shade of orange, something that doesn’t stand out against your skin color.