Late Pregnancy Guidlines To Enjoy A Healthy Pregnancy

Late Pregnancy

Late Pregnancy The term late pregnancy can be used for two conditions related to pregnancy which are pregnancy which has taken place at a later age of the expectant mother and the other one is the later stage of any pregnancy. Here we will discuss about the former which means when a woman is considering pregnancy at a later age which is beyond the age of 35 years.

Pregnancy if considered between mid twenties to early thirties is best as with age the limited number of eggs or ova which were bestowed on the woman during her birth goes down in number and quality. Therefore, fertility becomes an issue along with risks to the mother as well as her baby.

Possible Risk Factors Of A Late Pregnancy

If you are considering pregnancy at a later age or you are pregnant after crossing the age of 35 then you should be aware of certain possible risks that come along with a late pregnancy. Knowing about the risks helps you to become aware so that required steps can be taken to prevent them as far as possible. Late pregnancy is considered by many women nowadays due to various commitments and career pressures that they have to fulfill earlier in their lives. Medical progress and proper care on your part can definitely ensure a healthy pregnancy if you are considering a late pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a natural but complex process and therefore may face certain complications. These have higher chances of incidence in case of late pregnancies. Risks of genetic and chromosomal diseases in the babies are higher in late pregnancies. Screening tests are done to ensure you have a healthy fetus and unfortunately if it isn’t then you may have to terminate the pregnancy.

There can be higher risks of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, placental abruption, premature deliveries, still births and miscarriages with late pregnancies therefore proper precautionary measures must be taken beforehand. Late pregnancy may leave the new mother more drained of energy while tending to her new born.

Fertility problems are a big issue as number of eggs decrease and therefore donor eggs may have to be used in some cases. Sometimes in most unfortunate cases you may even have to consider in-vitro fertilization. Chances of multiple pregnancies are very high which can be a further hassling thing for the new mother to manage.

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How To Enjoy A Healthy Pregnancy If You Consider Late Pregnancy?

All is not as bleak as there are certain good sides to a late pregnancy as well. A matured mother is emotionally more stable which can prevent possibilities of emotional disturbances, depression and anxiety which are common during pregnancies. Motherhood at a late age can give you the fulfillment to make your life complete after you have lived life successfully.

Being mentally prepared from before, knowing about the various stages of pregnancy, following doctor’s recommendations and taking proper tests and screening can ensure a healthy pregnancy to great extent.

Exercise For Pregnancy

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Begin to follow a healthy lifestyle, shed off any extra pounds and stay fit with regular exercises, take balanced nutritious diet and avoid any bad habits like smoking or alcohol once you consider getting pregnant at a late age. In these ways you will be able to conceive easily and also avoid most of the pregnancy complications.

Relax and take time to do breathing exercises as you can remain stress free. Take vitamins, fruits, green vegetables and lot of water. Stay happy by remaining meaningfully involved, avoid stressful jobs and surround yourself with loving and caring family members and friends.

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