Laser Treatment For Cellulite Removal

laser-cellulite-treatment-300x213 Dimples on the cheeks are definitely a mark of beauty, but when they appear on your butt or on your thighs, there is absolutely nothing nice about them. This unsightly chunky flesh, mostly seen around the thighs and the hips is basically accumulated and trapped fat which is known as cellulite.

And with nearly 40 percent of the female population facing this problem, a number of solutions, to fight this problem, have come up in the market.  The treatments range from diets to medication, from injections to exercises and from creams to surgeries.

The latest and probably the most promising method is laser based, which has two variations, and here we will be shedding light on these laser techniques.

Combination laser technique

This is the more common laser based cellulite removal technique, where in a laser-beam is used to soften the skin tissues and to melt the fat deposits. And to complete the procedure the treated area is massaged to help mobilize the fat and to smoothen out the skin. It’s a high technology cellulite removal procedure in which a six diode laser beam is used to improve microcirculation in the affected area. While the laser breaks up the fat deposits, the mechanical massage helps in tightening and firming up the skin. The results will be noticeable only after three or four sessions.

Tri-Active laser technique

This technique is an upgrade of the above mentioned laser based cellulite removal technique, with liposuction featuring in as the third procedure to be carried out, to complete the trio.

The liposuction procedure may be carried out either before or after the laser and massage procedure. Also concentrated cooling may be used in between these procedures to relax the tissues. There’s also a mild alteration of this method, where in some special creams may be used during the massage phase.

The chemicals found in these creams help in removing toxins from the tissues and in restoring the natural hormone balance in the tissues. The overall effect is quite satisfying, because you will be able to see smooth contours after a few sessions. And quite obviously, when this procedures so detailed, it will definitely mean much more money going out of your pocket.

Sidharth Thakur