Landscape Design Ideas For A Beautiful Front Yard

Landscape Design Ideas For A Beautiful Front Yard

Landscape Design Ideas For A Beautiful Front Yard When building a house, it is important not only to concentrate on the physical aspect of the building but also on its outdoor space. Most home owners enjoy the feel of a well manicured lawn with green foliage, planted in a planned way.

Since our landscape says a lot about us and creates the first impression about what to expect inside the house, a thoughtful design will pay dividends and also a blooming garden will always embrace you with a blissful feeling.

A private outdoor space is the ideal space to share a few moments with your friends for lunch or for an open air cooking spree with the family and friends or even for a social gathering under the starry sky. So create a private zone to get away from the humdrum of the daily life and enjoy a few moments with your dear ones amongst nature.

Flower Power

A landscape designed with flowers is the most popular since a blooming garden welcomes the guests with open arms and immediately lifts the spirit. Plan your space with bold coloured flowers to create an impact of a bigger space. Seasonal flowers can be grown in layers in coordinated colours all over the garden in rows or at the corners by combining bright and muted hued flowers.

Sweet smelling flora will also invite butterflies and bees as well as different species of birds into your garden. However, do check with the authorities in your area about the patch of green you can create on the parking strip as some communities have restrictions regarding the height of the plants and the distance to be kept from the fire hydrant.

Entertainment Arena

Include a patio to add a more welcoming feel to your yard. You can sit here and watch the world go by as you sip into a glass of juice on a hot evening. You can also entertain guests here or organise a Sunday lunch with your family. Decorate this area with some hedges or plants with decorative leaves for adding privacy without creating a barrier.

Walkway Decor

Easy-to-care plants will create a style statement when you edge your garden with them. A gentle curvy path will add a twist to the space making it look gentle and out of a fairytale. Cover your pavement with pebbles, flagstones and bricks to extend this old world charm.

Slope Scope

If you think that it would be difficult to maintain a grassy slope, beautify your front-yard with a floral display by covering the slope with bright hues and easy to maintain plants. The gradual rise of the plants up to the house will also give a grand look to your building.  For the year-long charm, mix grass, evergreens and perennials.

Natural Guide

When designing your landscape, it is important to select plants and materials as per the natural condition. Select flowers, plants and landscape materials that are native to the area and will survive the local conditions.  This will also attract birds and butterflies to your yard and enchant everyone. A bird feeder or a birdbath will be a thoughtful addition to the space and keep you and the children entertained watching birds.

Emerald Retreat

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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If you have small outdoor space, a variety of evergreens will keep the yard beautiful all through the year and offer a variety of texture and colour. Avoid a messy look by choosing evergreens not too high and mix different heights for an interesting look and to break the monotony.

Green Haven

Protect your home from street blare by planting medium-sized plants in your front yard. In addition, an array of plants will create a soothing and colourful effect with a variety of shapes, textures and colors. Look at your space carefully and also consult books and magazines to create the design that you want. Once done, the view will uplift your spirit whenever you stare outside.

Potted Dreams

Pots and containers can also create the pet effect in your outdoor space with blooming flowers adorning the garden and beckoning your neighbours. A handful of large containers, overflowing with dazzling or fragrant flora will generate magic in your setting by transforming it into an artistic space. A simple drip-irrigation system will enable you to easily maintain the container garden.

Beautify Driveway

Beautify Driveway

To beautify an unattractive driveway, use the landscape magic by using a border with perpendicular plants, instead of a band of land between the sidewalk and your home. Add elegance and grace to the driveway and keep it out of sight with a curved pathway.

Smart Space

If you have a stamp-sized landscape space, creating a layered look with shapes and sizes would be the ideal solution. For a visual therapy, duplicate an element to extend the design concept and prevent the space from looking haphazard.

Grand Entry

An ornamental fence and an arched structure at the gate can make a majestic entry-point as well as bring a small ranch-type house into sharp focus by adding proportion and height to it. Combine it with an attractive landscaping to add to the total effect.

Art and Nature

Synthesise elements of nature with artificial items to give a relaxed and lived-in look to your yard.  Boulders placed near the path and groundcovers like pachysandra along with flowering plants will accentuate the look of the space and soften the hard look of the stone. Other elements like a water body framed by a stone sculpture can create an oasis or a small tree on the porch can act as a pillar to lend support to your architectural elements.

Add Drama

Lift your yard out of the ordinary by creating some focal points. Bold elements or unusual sculptures will attract attention and create a sense of drama. Or go for ornamental grasses like Maiden Grass or Feather Reed Grass and spiral-pruned junipers to create the desired effect.

Also for night-time magic, illuminate the pathways with soft light and decorate with  accent rocks and plants to create the right ambience. Be sure that your house design can support this landscape. You may accentuate your front door with a bright blue or a vibrant yellow colour.

Private Oasis

Are you particular about your privacy and want your space to be a private cocoon? Then here are some options: If you prefer a tall fence, look for decorative hardscape pieces and plantings to tone down the harsh lines of a lofty fence.

Latticework on the fence and a sculpture will add an artistic element to the space. Added to this, a low stone or wooden bench will create a personal area which can be accentuated with river rocks and shells. Bamboo screens will give an oriental twist to your outdoor space. You may colour the fence in some soft colour for a heightened appeal. A hammock on a tall tree will make a restful corner.

Do not forget to install lights near the base of the fence for safety as well as mood lighting for night-time parties. If you have created a paved seating area, mitigate the geometric lines with ground cover and mid-high trees. So why stay cooped inside when the world beckons you to break free of the mundane and routine life?

Create an exciting and blissful outdoor living space with your own ideas and enthusiasm. Remember that our houses do not mean only the rooms, but it can also incorporate a well-designed outdoor space to take us close to the nature and to help us give reins to our imagination.

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