Labor Inductions: Is It Convenient And Safe?

Your impatience to deliver your baby as early as possible is quite understandable, because you’ve been pregnant for several months and you sure want a break and more so you are anxious to see how your baby looks like. But are these reasons strong enough, for you to jump to the decision of getting artificially induced labor?

Whatever is your urgency, do take some time and get some information on how safe artificially methods to induce labor is for you and your child. And remember, that if Mother Nature planned for a 42 Week pregnancy then cutting it short is going against nature, and human history has enough evidence to say that whenever we’ve gone against nature we’ve had our falls.

Here are a few points that you need to consider before you think of artificially induced labor:

High probability of cesarean

In several studies and research reports it has come out that, at times, inducing labor pains artificially may not be completely spontaneous and successful, and thus you may be left with getting a caesarean done to avoid risking the life of the mother and child. And obviously you know that a caesarean means longer recovery time and more ‘after’ pain.

Pain concerns

In a normal labor the body produces its own supply of labor hormones which helped in reducing the contraption pain, however when the labor is induced artificially no such hormones will be produced and you’re likely to suffer more pain. In some cases your doctor might have to give you certain medications to control the pain, and the way you prevented yourself from medication all through your pregnancy, the whole purposes of it all will get defeated.

Longer time in the hospital

Even though the medication given to initiate labor is quite productive in increasing labor contractions, you will have to spend a lot more time in the hospital.  During normal labor, you move to the hospital only once labor begins and so the time that you have to spend on the hospital bed, before delivery, is comparatively much lesser.

But to get artificially induced labor, you will have to spend extra hours while the medication is administered and it begins to produce labor pains. Even if getting labor pains induced artificially seems much convenient, do take a look at the downsides before you decide in its favor.

Sidharth Thakur