Know Your Pearls

pearls There is absolutely something magical about pearls, and that’s what makes them truly exquisite and distinctive. These beloved pearls find use in several types of jewelry pieces such as pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Also pearls can be seen embellished on designer wear clothing.

Anyways, here’s a little info on the different types of pearls that are available in the market, elaborated particularly to assist you as a buying guide.

Natural Pearls

As the name is suggestive, these pearls are completely natural and have not been altered by any procedure. These are mostly irregular in shape, and it’s a rare to find one which is perfectly shaped. And obviously, they’re much costlier when you compare them with the cultured ones.

Cultured pearls

These pearls are especially cultured to obtain the right size and the right shape. There are large farms where these pearls are cultured, and the process involves pushing in some irritant into the mollusk so as to the effect the desired results.

Freshwater pearls

Again the name here is quite suggestive that these pearls are obtained from fresh water bodies such as rivers and lakes. These can be both natural ones picked up from the sea bed, or cultured ones grown in specially designed farms, where the water is made to flow constantly. The shape and texture isn’t as beautiful as those of salt water pearls, and that’s the reason they are more affordably priced.

Saltwater Pearls

These pearls are mostly natural and are produced by the mollusk in salt water bodies such as the seas and oceans. These can also be cultured, but since the process is more intricate, even the cultured seawater pearls sell for real high price. But overall, salt water pearls are the best and the most elegant of all pearls types.

Imitation pearls

This is a budget option for those who cannot afford real Pearls, as these artificial pearls made from plastic or such other material are fairly cheap and can be easily bought at most costume jewelry stores.

Sidharth Thakur