Know Your Correct Bra Size

bra Measuring your Bra size

Before you begin taking measurements to find out your right bra size, put on one of your regular bra, which you feel brings out the best shape of your breasts and is the most comfortable to wear.  Take a flexible measuring tape and ask some friend or your partner to help you with the measurements.

Wrap the tape around your ribcage, right below your breasts and that’s the first measurement you need to record. The second place you need to measure is where your breasts are the fullest, and this measurement will help in finding out your cup size.

The calculations

Add 5 to the first measurement you recorded, below your breast, and in case the resulting number is an odd number round it off to the next higher even number. This number is the band size. The reason why you need to make it even is because bras don’t come in odd sizes. To find out your correct cup size, just subtract the band size from the second measurement we had taken. And the resulting number is what will help you determine the right cup size. As the difference moves from one to six, your cup size changes from A to F, accordingly.

The perfect bra

To know whether your bra sits perfectly well on you or not, just keep the following points in mind

•    The middle part between the cups should sit perfectly flat on your rib cage or else you need one size larger.
•    The band of the bra should run around the same level and shouldn’t rise at any point, especially on the sides
•    The main support should come from the band and not the straps
•    Your breasts should fit comfortably into the cups and there should be no wrinkles on the bra cups.

Get some help

Even though, you may go precise about the measurements and maybe doing the calculations absolutely right, there are chances that the bra size, you found out, just doesn’t fit well. If that’s the case take the help of the floor assistant in the shop because they are experts and can guide you wisely in finding out what’s best for you.

Sidharth Thakur