Know More About Permanent Makeup

There is a procedure called micro-pigmentation in which an expert injects iron oxide under the skin that results in a color that your skin contains and that lasts considerably longer than any makeup can.

This procedure is also called permanent makeup and this make up is beneficial for especially those who have some sort of physical limitation that prevents them from having makeup.

In case there is an allergy that prevents you from using cosmetic products, then permanent make up is the answer. The procedure is similar to tattooing; it involves the use of needles to inject micro granules under the upper layers of the skin.

The most popular amongst the permanent makeup styles is the makeup for eyeliner. This is followed by the makeup for eyebrows and lip color. This is a procedure that requires the attention and the execution from an established practitioner. Only experts must deal with permanent make up.

They can include licensed and recognized dermatologists, cosmetologists and even nurses and tattooists. This procedure involves the patient being anaesthetized and the procedure initiated then.

There are many positive sides to permanent makeup. As the name suggests, this is the kind of makeup that sticks. You can go out, play, run jog or get involved in any rigorous physical activity and the makeup will stay.

There is no need to carry a makeup kit or get a touch up of the makeup done from time to time. Sleep with the same beautiful touch to the face and wake up in the morning and all that you have to do is to wash your face thoroughly and there you are all set to go.

The permanent makeup is also good for all those who are not able to get the makeup done on a regular basis. This could include arthritis patients as well.

However, once this makeup is done, it can be removed using laser treatment only. It works to either neutralize the granules under the skin or help reduce their effect.

Hence it is very important that you do a simulation run of your makeup before you go for the permanent one. After all it will stay for a long time to come and correct decision making features prominently.