Know More about Makeup for Working Women

Even if you are working, there should be no reason that you should not look your best even in an official attire.

Makeup for someone who goes to office is though light but requires understanding and skill to apply quickly. Therefore apply makeup that is easy to maintain and re-do if required.

Let the makeup be light. Any extra makeup will only show the bits not done properly when you are out in the sunlight. Besides, it will also be hard to maintain at work. Keep it simple.

Apply foundation and blend it well with the skin tone. Do not use a color that is far from your skin color. Apply mild eye shadow and enhance the beauty of the eyes with artificial lashes.

Apply a lipstick that is only a shade darker than your lips and then apply lip gloss over it. Your lips will look supple and shiny. Use a lip liner to give your lips a fuller shape. With all the blemishes hidden, your face will look charming with the smooth skin and full lips.

Apply hair moisturizer and if required, a hair gel. This is to prevent your hair from flying behind you or have that frizzy look. One of the most important ingredients of your office makeup kit that you carry is the perfume. Wear a smell that is alluring and that wafts. Ensure that the smell is not too strong.

Here are some suggestions on the cosmetics that you should have in your kit at all times: Have a moisturizer that contains UVA and UVB filters. These will help prevent skin from the harmful rays of the sunlight and will also prevent the development of age spots.

Ensure that there is a sunscreen lotion as well to prevent skin tanning. Keep a blusher handy. Have a foundation in any form that you are able to carry easily; it can be liquid, cream, vitamin or talc.

If you have a dry skin, it is better to use the cream version, and if you have an oily skin, keep the talc form. Lipsticks, lip balms, eye liners and eye shadows are also to be included as well.