Know if your Child has ADHD

Attention deficit hyper activity disorder is referred to ADHD. It is a condition of a brain in which child can exhibit inattention or impulsive at times. It is characterized by hyper active reactions or behavior. The three major symptoms of ADHD are hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattention.

Kids show these behaviors more often than other children of same age group. Boys suffer more from this problem because the boys with this problem tend to exhibit these symptoms more than girls.

Girls with ADHD are found problem of inattention more than other two symptoms. It is really important to treat this problem otherwise it can lead to many other problems like poor attention in each and every work.

If your child is hyperactive and shows no interest in studies then you have to find the reason behind it. For your help, there are few signs that will help you in knowing that whether your child has a problem or not.

  • Children with ADHD are always fidgeting. They constantly move their hands, feet, and arms. They squirm most of the time.
  • Kids with ADHD cannot sit at one place for some time. They even do not sit when they know that they are expected to sit.
  • They repeat their mistakes and do not learn from experience. You have to tell same thing many times to them.
  • Children or teenagers with ADHD are often restless. They run and climb excessively.
  • If they are playing any game then they don’t wait for their turn. They will interrupt others in their work. They do not realize that what they are doing, whether it is right or wrong.
  • Children with ADHD do not pay attention to others, whether you say it directly.
  • Always lose their things. And do not show any worry about it.

Some other signs are like child is unorganized, he/she is unfocused, unable to do planning, he/she is forgetful, and he/she is unable to pay attention even in daily work.

If your child does all these things occasionally then do not worry about it. But if this behavior is regular then you should talk to your doctor about it. If he/she is diagnosed with ADHD then he/she might need your help.