Know About Those Aphrodisiacs to Spice up your Sex Life

Person tries too many things to make his/her life better. This rule is also applied in your sexual life. If you are lacking your love life and you want that fun back and you can go for different methods. Then why not food! Yes, food is highly related with our love life.

Foods are responsible for mood making. Some foods help in the flow of blood to the genitals. That increases performance and pleasure. Most of the notorious aphrodisiacs are like treasure bank of nutrients that are necessary for sex and good life. Some people say that figs promote potency. And pomegranates are also known as love apples.

Fruits and vegetables are always healthy for everybody. Some fruits and vegetables have vitamins and minerals that are required to produce hormones and they are needed for sexual pleasure and arousal.

Honey is helpful in arousal. Chocolate contains cocoa beans that have phenylethamine. It is a compound that is helpful in triggering the release of endorphins, which is a compound related with sexual pleasure.

Dark chocolate have more amount of cocoa powder. Oysters have a compound that triggers feeling of sexual desire and pleasure. Garlic is another miracle. It works like antioxidant and increases the flow of blood that arouses sexual desires. Alcohol helps as we get seduced. It makes down our central nervous system. But drinking too much is also not good as it is linked with erectile dysfunction.

Aroma works well as aroma of cheese pizza, pumpkin pie, and buttered popcorn increases the flow of blood in the penis. On the other hand, women love aroma of cucumber and vanilla.

Do not eat too much. Eat together. If you really want a healthy sex life then stay healthy first. Being slim is not only the best thing. If your weight is appropriate then you can do the best at your bedroom.

Extra fat increases the glucose in blood that damages nerves and other blood vessels that are responsible for arousal and sexual pleasure. Take healthy diet by having fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other healthy foods. Exercise always helps to lead a healthy sexual life. It improves blood circulation, which is an important part of sex.