Kiss the Right Way!

There are a million movies where the male protagonist would declare his love for someone special, and seal it with the most passionate kiss. And with time the women followed suit!

A romantic kiss is made memorable when done the right way. When the kiss is goofed up, it becomes an embarrassing incident worth forgetting!

It is important to remember the following at all times, while kissing:

1. Do not bump noses! Tilt your head a bit to the side.

2. Close your mouth (initially) and eyes while approaching your partner’s face. And then take action!

3. Slow kisses are generally high on both romance and passion.

4. Never force your kiss on anyone unless your recipient is comfortable!

Kisses are of various types depending on relationship stage and comfort levels.


This is a short form of kissing where you place your mouth on your partner’s in a soft manner. You need to release it soon as here, the lips are not locked in for too long! This may be repeated if both of you seem comfortable with it. This form of kissing is good for initial stages of romance.

Kissing open-mouthed.

When your mouth is close to your partner’s, open your mouth a little, as if to drink from a little cup. With your head tilted, press your your mouth against your partner’s.

The pressure would be more than a peck but not too much. It would depend on how involved your partner is in the kiss! This may be taken further with the head tilting to the other side. Repeat if desired. This type of kissing could work for initial stages if your partner is comfortable, but is best when you get to know her/him much better.

French kiss.

Movies revel in the depiction of this form of kissing! The french kiss is an extension of the open-mouthed kiss. Here you use your tongue to explore your partner’s mouth (not teeth!) and tongue in a gentle manner. This has to be done slowly initially. The speed may vary depending on the moment! The french kiss is for couples intimate couples with high levels of passion.

While these are the primary forms of kissing, you can get creative and mix it all up. Finally do keep in mind that a passionate kiss is best reserved for someone you really like!