Keep Your Sex Life Spice Up When You’re Apart

sex-over-the-phone Being an army officer’s wife or a wife of a person who travels extensively for business, you surely know how difficult it is to keep a long distance relationship. And worse still is how your sex life suffers.

But with a bit of imagination and some naughtiness, you can easily keep your sex life kicking, even as the distances keep you far away from each other.

Feed your libido

There’s one important thing that you must understand that if you stop having sex you will soon begin stop wanting sex as well. So you must do something that keeps your sexual desires topped up, and it doesn’t matter if masturbation is the only way to do it.

Self pleasure will help in keeping your organs well lubricated and elastic, and that’s very essential otherwise you will get sore if you have sex after a long interval. Also masturbation ensures that your body produces enough hormones and that your desires are in bloom to enjoy the sexual bliss when your man finally comes back home.

Erotica is worth a try

With the internet around it has become very easy for you to access free porn. Go online, and the choice is wonderful.  But just in case you’re not OK with watching porn videos, you can always go in for the written erotica which usually has a nice story line to create a visual impact on your mind.

Sex over the phone

Sounds weird? But well that’s another possibility to enjoy some sensuous moments with your man while he’s sitting miles apart. In the beginning you would be hesitant, so try messaging him some erotic text messages, or drop in some cheesy voice mails for him.

Soon you’ll become more confident, and then the two of you can talk to each other while indulging in self pleasure. Men are always aroused with visual, so whatever you relate about what you’re doing and what you’re wearing do it in such a manner that your words create a mental image in his mind.

You don’t really need to talk all the while, because even your moans and groans, as you both masturbate, will make both of you feel together.

If you’ve got the desire, it’s not really too difficult to keep your sex life perked up, even as you and your man may be separated by long distances.