Keep Pimples At Bay

You are probably aware that our skin produces its natural lubrication. But in some cases this oil gets trapped inside the pores of the skin, which causes pimples to breakout on the surface. Pimples usually start off at puberty and may continue up to mid twenties, in most cases. This happens mostly, because during youth the body experiences a hormonal rush, which causes the skin to produce sebum in excess.

Preventing pimples

Keep the skin clean

As we have already elaborated that pimples are caused due to overproduction of the skins natural lubricating oils, the first and the most important habit that will prevent eh formation of pimples is to keep the skin absolutely clean. Use an oil-control face wash to cleanse your skin, at least twice a day. The best face washes for pimple control are those which contain benzoyl peroxide, as this chemical is most effective in breaking down oil buildup and in killing the pimple causing bacteria.

Avoid excess heat and humidity

Heat and humidity cause the sebum producing glands to produce more oil, which eventually causes pimples to appear on the skin. So if your skin is already oily, it’s best to avoid hot and humid areas. Even staying out in the hot sun may cause pimples, irrespective of whether you are wearing a sunscreen or not. And on days when you have to spend a lot of time in the sun, carry some moisturizing face wipes, to wipe off the oil as and when it appears on the skin.

Be selective about your skin care products

Moisturizing is definitely important for your skin, but a regular moisturizer won’t do if you’ve got oily skin or you’re prone to pimple breakouts. Look for oil free moisturizing products. Also keep the usage of makeup to a minimum, and whenever you do wear some, make sure to free your skin of it before you hit the sac.

And lastly, we’ll suggest that you must avoid using scarves, headbands and caps, because all these collect oil and dirt which provide a breeding ground fro pimple causing bacteria.

Sidharth Thakur