Keep Flaky Skin Away

There can be innumerable reasons for itchy and flaky skin. Dryness within the house and winters are when one sees more instances of flaky skin. There are many ways to avoid flaky skin:

The main reason for flaky skin is the lack of moisture in the air. When there is no humidity, skin rapidly loses its moisture and this causes dry skin. Also when the weather gets colder, the humidity in the atmosphere drops and it is usually during the windy times that the skin tends to get flaky.

If you have developed flaky skin staying inside the house, then add humidifiers and ensure that they provide adequate moisture in the air. It also helps reduce chances of developing cold or flu, which might result because of the complete dryness of the room.

The major reason for flaky skin is that the skin is dry and hence it becomes important that the skin always has the right moisture content. Try changing the way you bathe.

Avoid warm water baths if you indulge in them considerably. Warm water strips the skin of the outer surface and hence the part of the skin that is responsible for holding back water is gone and it loses moisture even more rapidly.

Switch to shower and keep the temperature cooler. Shower for a lesser duration. Also check on your soap to see if that is for dry or oily skin and if it is not suited for your skin then change it. It is advisable that when you have flaky skin, use soap sparingly. If possible, use skin cleanser instead.

Another way to moisturize the skin is by the use of moisturizing lotions. Most of the lotions though contain alcohol as one of the components which renders the skin dry. So when you choose the moisturizer, ensure that you choose the one with the minimum alcohol content.

Ensure that it has the right nutrients for the skin. Every time you shower, apply the moisturizer after which generously and use it as often as possible. Even during the day, whenever you feel your skin has gone dry, use it to ensure the skin remains in its optimum health.