Keep Children Safe from Dogs

Dogs might be the best friend a kid may have, especially if the child lives alone most of the times but it’s quite important to ensure that the dog is safe around the child and friendly enough to let the child around with the dog. To ensure this, you should not only make sure of the health of the dog but also maintain its hygiene. This may seem like something that requires an all day round attention but all it takes is a few simple precaution to ensure your child’s safety.

If you have not bought the dog yet, you might want to research about it a little and see if the dog is friendly enough. There are some breed of dogs that are not very friendly and need an extensive training before you label your pet as safe.

Some dogs are friendly by nature but they are not ideal in case you are buying for the sake of protection and not entirely as a pet. Otherwise, make sure the dog has all the training it needs until it’s tamed.

Make sure your child does not annoy the dog too much since some dogs are not very tolerant regarding that, especially in the beginning. In such cases, keep your child away from the dog or tie it up in a safe place until it has been completely trained and has familiarized with your family.

Never let your child approach a dog for the first time on their own. Dogs take a long time to familiarize and are not very kind to anyone they consider as strangers. If you are taking your child to a friend’s house where they own a dog and if your child is seeing the dog for the first time, try to keep some distance and don’t let your child stray around the dog on his/her own.

Show your child how to pet a dog the right way. This will help your child to understand what aggravates the dog which will help stop the unnecessary attacks of the dog on the child.

When the dog is aggravated, teach the child not to run but slowly back away. Well, this is one rule that applies to everyone but if this is the first time your child is around a dog, you have to make sure the child knows how to escape from an angry dog.