Keep Check On Chapped Lips With Natural Treatments

Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips Chapped lips can be a very common occurrence, especially during the dry winter and hot summer months. They are not only unsightly, but also create immense discomfort and pain.

Chapped lips are also very difficult to hide once you get them, as lips are a prominent part of your face. Women are more embarrassed by this problem than men. Many factors can cause chapping of lips. However, shift in climatic conditions is the most common cause.

Deficiencies of essential nutrients and vitamins cause chapping and drying of lips. Chapping can also be caused due to allergic reaction to the chemicals used in lipsticks and lip balms. Use of certain antibiotics can sometimes lead to cracked lips. This is however a temporary problem which will subside once the medications are stopped.

The skin of your lips is very delicate and can react to even slight abuse. Smoking is one bad habit that can cause your lips to darken and crack due to dryness caused by smoke and nicotine. Some people have the habit of licking their lips when they are dry. This will not only cause more drying but also will lead to chapping of lips. Exposure to UV rays is another cause for chapped lips.

Thankfully, chapped lips do not need any medication to be healed. A host of natural remedies are right there to help you get rid of the problem effectively and once for all.  These remedies are easy to find and hence great solutions that everyone can try at home.

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Home remedies help us use safe and natural products for relieving the symptoms. They also remove the risk of side effects and help us use them frequently to prevent the occurrence anymore. We all have coconut oil at home to take great care of our mane.

From now on, you can dab them on your lips as well to leave them as glossy and shiny as your hair. Coconut oil can remove dryness from your skin and keep them soft and supple. Apply as frequently as you like without any fear of side effects.

You could already be using Aloe Vera for your oily skin or for youthful looking skin. If you have avoided using Aloe Vera on your lips until now, change your habits. Dab some right on your chapped lips and see how the healing properties of Aloe Vera take effect like magic.

If you have a rose garden, you don’t need to nurse chapped lips anymore. Pluck some rose petals from the garden and crush them along with some glycerine. Apply on your chapped lips before you retire to bed. Doing this everyday will relieve chapped lips, prevent dryness and make them rosy red!

Cucumber has appeared in many of the skin treatment regimes already. It’s time to try them on chapped lips too. Rub a slice of cool cucumber on your lips for removing chapped lips. The hydrating properties of cucumber are all that your lips need for revival.

Castor oil has been used for generations to revive skin. Dab a little of this dense oil to make them smooth and rosy pink in an instant. The moisturising qualities of honey have been praised for centuries now. It is also known for its healing properties. Smear some homey on your chapped lips and wait till you nourish them and heal them naturally.

Apply mustard oil on your navel just before you are off to bed in the night. This is a sure shot way to prevent chapped lips. Take 1/4th teaspoon of lemon juice, glycerine and castor oil. Mix and apply on your lips before bedtime. Wake up with baby soft lips that are pink and smooth to touch.

Milk cream has lot of natural cream that can nourish and sooth chapped lips. Apply every day to prevent and heal chapped lips. Mix honey and Vaseline to form a thick mix. Apply it on the lips and wait for twenty minutes. Remove with a cotton ball and warm water. Do this every day for great lips.

Apply vitamin E oil on the lips before you go to bed. Just like skin needs Vitamin E for regeneration, the skin of your lips too can be very well nourished and regenerated with vitamin E.

Lemon juice is also a great natural remedy for chapped lips. Apply lemon juice on the lips in the morning and evening to prevent chapped lips and also to remove dead cells and sooth dry skin.

Tips To Prevent Chapped Lips

Prevention is always better than cure. Along with these home remedies, one must observe certain good practices to keep your lips always nourished. Applying sunscreen on the lips will ensure that they remain free of dryness and patchiness. You can use a soft bristled toothbrush for removing the dead cells from your lips. Apply a good natural moisturiser before sleeping.

If you have dry and chapped lips, never try to pull them out as it will only lead to tearing of lips and peeling of skin. It is also not a good habit to bite your lips or lick them. Drink plenty of fluids to prevent general dryness of the skin as well as lips. During the winter months when the lips are prone to drying, ensure that you leave them well moisturised. It is a good idea to use a humidifier to remove the atmospheric dryness.

Diet also plays an important role in preventing chapped lips. Chapping can be caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin B2 or iron. Once these deficiencies are taken care of, chapping stops automatically. Food rich in Vitamin A must be consumed. This would include carrots, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, legumes etc.

While creamy lipsticks can actually prevent chapping and dryness of lips, some of you could be allergic to lipsticks and lip balms. It is better to avoid them and try some natural lip colouring agents like rose petals, beetroot etc.

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