Joy, Passion And Kindness: Three Key Points To A Wonderful You

Present day media has given too much of a hype to external beauty, making every woman extremely cautious about her looks and glamor. But as the law of nature goes, physical beauty has to evaporate as the twilight of youth fades away with time.

What truly remains with you forever is your attitude, and if your attitude is right your beauty turns imperishable. It’s not that I’m saying external beauty is meaningless, we all must try to look beautiful outwardly, however to increase your overall beauty manifolds you need to be beautiful inside.

While cosmetics and clothing can give us confidence, poise and style, to nurture the right attitude the three main pillars are joy, passion and kindness. And unlike clothing and cosmetics, these traits cannot be bought over the counter rather they have to be cultivated by you in yourself.

To bring in joy into your life, a good way to start with is to find something to do that pleases your soul, touches your heart and leaves you feeling elated. Modern day frantic life doesn’t leave us with many options, because after a hard day’s work we are all too drained to do anything else.

But let me tell you if you satisfy that little hidden urge in you, you will feel more energetic because of the joy and passion you experience doing something that you have always wanted to do, but never tried. When you really have a strong passion for a hobby, you will excitedly look forward to each new day feeling energized and positively motivated.

Working devotedly to attain expertise in your hobby will skyrocket your passion and joy and soon it will all reflect in your overall character and personality. And that’s when; people around you will have a new and enhanced perception of you.

People may momentarily appreciate beauty, but will always remember kindness. But when one is under pressure, stress or bound in constraints, the virtue of kindness never even crosses by your side.

Experiencing stress and pressure we normally tend to distance out from the other people, making unfortunate attempts to safeguard our own self.

However, this protective approach just goes on to increase stress and to make our lives even more miserable. On the other hand a little bit of your kindness, will help you to de-stress and build better relationships, which will always keep you happy.

Sidharth Thakur