Jobs That May Pose Risk to a Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered that your job is safe for a pregnancy or not? Jobs that include extreme physical exertions, toxic exposures, long hours, distant travel, and infection risk, in addition to loud noise may require special adjustments to safely accommodate your pregnancy.

So, all said and done, what are the situations that can be of a problem?

Law enforcement: High Risk of abdominal pain is present for anyone who is working with rowdy individuals; this applies for those who are working with behaviorally challenged kids too.

Heavy factory job: lifting Heavy weights, mainly if it is repetitive and coupled with twisting, can seriously interfere with the growth of the fetus.

Daycare and Healthcare job: astonishingly, healthcare workers are not too prone to catch severe infections. This is possibly because they take precautions like washing the hands in sterile water and wearing protective gloves. Mothers with kids and Daycare workers should be particularly keen about washing hands after changing the diapers, because of the risk of certain viruses, which can cause birth defects.

Cashier: generally, Standing all through the day poses no serious risks, however sore legs and puffy feet at times needs changes, especially towards the end of pregnancy. Support hose does help; this applies for anyone who is standing all day. Amazingly, jobs which demand lots of walking broken with sitting intervals seem to be better.

Resident physician job: in this case, Long work hours result in premature birth as well as poor growth fetus, but these effects are not very obvious until women are working above 80 hrs per week. Fortunately, new legal amendments limit resident work hours up to 80 hrs a week, which is still a daunting task. Severe Fatigue is often associated with an increased chance of premature birth and a higher chance of cesarean delivery.