Jewelry To Go With Your Bridesmaids Dress

wedding-jewelry As a bridesmaid, your jewelry has to be as good as what’s donned by the bride, because an equally good number of eyes will be glued to you as the wedding ceremonies are held.

However, do keep one thing in mind that whatever jewelry you pickup, you should be able to team it up not just with your bridesmaids attire but also with a couple of other dresses that you already have. Here’s some help on the different pieces of jewelry that you’ll need to pick up.


If you’re blessed with a long and slender neck and are planning to wear a deep plunging neckline, then some stylish platinum or gold strand with a heavy diamond pendant is what’s needed to complete the look. You can also try on a somewhat bold look with a necklace in green or white gold, which stands out from the usual yellow glittery gold that’s popular with most of the older generation.

For an edgy look, check out the Italian neck pieces which are way too different from the conventional designs and are currently a hot favorite even on the ramps.

For those who are a little plump around the neck, thick necklaces are what you need to be looking at. Avoid anything thin, or it will be too much of a contrast with all the fat that has accumulated around your neck.

In case you’re not sure whether you will be wearing that necklace later on or in case you’re not willing to spend big amounts on your bridesmaid’s jewelry then think along the lines of picking up some imitation jewelry. It’s cheaper, more versatile and can solve nearly any purpose.


Ideally your earrings must coordinate well with your necklace, so if you’ve not picked up your necklace and earrings as a set, then do carry your necklace along with you when you go shopping for your earrings.  Tiny hanging earrings in sleek designs look more fashionable and in case your face is on the heavier side then let the length be even longer to add a slimming effect to your face. However, ladies with thin earlobes should stay away from heavy earrings.


Pearl and gemstone bracelets are an all time favorite however you must make certain that they coordinate well with your remaining jewelry and your bridesmaids dress. If you’re not planning to spend more or are not willing to wear a bracelet, you can always do without it, because it is not as essential as the remaining jewelry.

Sidharth Thakur