Jeans: What’s Your Style

Getting your hands on a perfect pair of jeans, for your body shape, isn’t a walk in the park, and that’s one raison d’être for the amount of time people spend in choosing a pair of best jeans. Whatever is your style, such as skinny jeans trend, baggy, boot-cut, flared, hipsters, wide-leg, straight or high-waist, you need nothing less than a few hours to buy one.

The perfect pair

Getting some help from style guides, floor assistants at specialist stores or personal shoppers can help you save a lot of time in finding the right pair of jeans. It’s no point wasting your time wandering around jeans stores, and coming to grips with random jeans with different size variations. You need to be particular about what style you’re looking for and in what size, and unless you’re a precise about the specs, the hours you spend on your shopping trip may be totally futile.

Style guides

There are several online style guides, which will help you in finding out what style of jeans will go perfect on your body type. Just search for these websites and put in your body measurements and you’ll get the recommendations on the style of jeans to wear. Also some of these are so good that you can even specify your budget and it will give you a detailed list of all the brands and the style numbers that fit into your budget. You may also find online shopping resources on these websites, so your jean shopping becomes way too easier.

Personal shopper

Lots of fashions stores now have personal shoppers/stylists to assist you with your clothes shopping. And well, this concept is no more limited to the up-market stores. Just one glance at you and your personal shopper will be able to advice on the perfect pair of denims for you.

Specialist stores

Just walk into one of the specialty stores which deals in nothing but jeans, and the floor assistants there can offer you some incredibly good advise on what cut and style will suit you, and can also make suggestions about what style numbers of different brands are available for you. Their services so good that you may be out of the store within half an hour, with the shopping bag containing the perfect pair of jeans in your hands.

Sidharth Thakur