It’s The Right Time To Quit Your Job

quit-your-job While layoffs are a major concern for most employees, as the recession doom spreads stronger, there is still a fresh breed of professionals who are quitting their lucrative jobs voluntarily even in such distressed times.

For most of us it is difficult to digest how somebody can think about dumping his or her job when the economic crisis is already making things terrible. So we just thought of finding out what can actually prompt anyone to go against the tide.

The desire for something different

If you’re thinking about quitting your job then you’d better have a more fulfilling and satisfying reason to justify your leaving the job. Daring to be different isn’t enough, unless and until you have evaluated what you’re heading for.

When you have a backup plan to support yourself, you can always take advantage of the recession and plan up on setting up your own business, since most resources are available at throw away prices right now. If you have cherished some dream of starting something of your own, then this may perhaps be the right moment, given that everything around you is on a real sale.

While everybody’s talking about the sad state of economic affairs and the likelihood of this trend continuing for more than a year, this is indeed the time to get going with some new venture. Think about real estate which was way too overpriced, but with the major drop down in its prices this seems to be the most opportune time to buy your office space. Also, most other things including labor are fairly cheap at the moment.

And you won’t find it difficult to get the right people to make your dream project a real winner. Interestingly, the loan rates have also come down considerably and borrowing money to sponsor your business makes much more sense with these humble bank rates.

The last but not the least

The most important point to delve upon before you quit your day job is whether you have the kind of financial backup that is needed to build up the business and to sustain yourself till your business begins making money.

Sidharth Thakur