Itchy Breasts: Causes And Cure

Women often complain of breast itch. In an itchy breasts situation, sometimes it becomes uneasy and embarrassing for the person to control the itch.  Itching can cause scratches, soreness and irritation on the nipples as well as the skin around nipples.

So, it is really very important to know the causes of itchy breasts and its cure. By keeping in mind some very simple things you can avoid breasts itch. Always make sure to remove your bra if you are having breasts itch. Avoid wearing lace bra, go in for soft, cotton bra without any laces. Lace or any other embellishment on the surface of the cups can cause irritation to the nipples which can lead to itchy breasts.

Take care of your personal hygiene. Always make sure to keep your breasts area clean and dry. Remove your bra before sleeping, it will make your breasts feel the fresh air and the sweat and moisture will dry naturally. The parts under breasts should also be kept clean and dry. If sweat will accumulate on the inner skin, it will lead to bacterial and fungal infections which can be the cause of breast itching.

Sometimes the soap or body cleanser you are using is harsh on skin. May be because of some strong chemicals, it can lead to skin irritation especially around and under the breasts. It can also cause itchy breasts. Avoid using strongly perfumed cleansers or soaps; the chemical composition of such soaps is strong. You can try mild soaps or clear body washes to avoid itchy breasts.

If you are having breasts itch, check your breasts. The skin on nipples should be closely examined if possible, in front of mirror. Check your breasts for dry patches. Scrub your breasts with a mild scrub or loofah to remove the dry and dead skin. After cleaning it, dry it with a soft towel and apply anti-septic cream or moisturizer. It will relief you from itchy breasts.

Avoid scratching, but if you have already made rashes on your nipples or skin under the breasts because of scratching, apply some rash ointment.  Breasts itch can also be because of PMS. If you think your periods are around the corner, and your breasts are itching, you can use some ointments to control the itch. Avoid using sprays because, sprays can be strong and harm your breasts.


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