Is Your Soap Causing Harm to Your Skin?

Gone are the days when the same bar of soap was good enough for the entire family. With all the concerns and the growing awareness about skin care, today’s women are taking more initiative in choosing the right kind of soap for their particular skin type.

Today you have a wide range of soap categories to choose from right from the commercial manufactured soaps, to the handmade soaps and you even have a lot of herbal soaps on offer. The natural herbal soaps seem to be a better alternative when compared with the usual commercial soaps which contain a lot of harmful chemicals.

It is imperative that you give due consideration to your skin type, at the time of making a decision about which soap to buy and use. For a dry skin type which is lacking in the natural skin oils called sebum, it is best to go in for soaps which contain moisturizer. If you want to choose herbal soap, go in for one which contains moisturizing elements like cocoa butter, avocado extract or Aloe Vera.

On the other hand, oily skin which is over too blessed with Sebum needs a somewhat dry soap. Since this skin type is prone to acne and pimples, choosing an antibacterial soap can keep your skin problem free. Tea thee oil, chamomile or thyme based herbal soaps will also give you good results.

Combinations skin type is one in which some parts of your facial skin are oily while the other parts are dry. For such a skin type it is not advisable to use soaps that have been specifically manufactured either for dry skin or for oily skin, rather soaps meant for normal skin give you better results. To some extent Glycerin based soaps have been found to be more acceptable. Alternatively special cleansers are also available for this particular skin type.

Lastly, the normal skin type which is neither too oily nor too dry, gives you ample opportunity to experiment with different kinds of soaps. But since, the soap manufacturers are offering soaps which have been specifically formulated for normal skin type, why not go ahead and take advantage of this offer.