Is Your Partner True To You?

When you are in doubt that your partner is lying to you, here is a small guide to help you in sniffing out whether he is telling you the stories or the truth.

Men are very smart as they usually have a well scripted story to tell you and to deviate from the main issue. Nevertheless, however smart any liar may be at spinning stories, they usually end up making that silly mistake of saying something that contradicts their whole story and that’s where you can make a catch on them. Also when he is lying you can almost visibly see how anxious he is to change the topic.

You need to be fairly observant and take notice of what his body language and facial expressions are conveying when he is relating to you a story, which you feel is a definite lie. It’s human nature to be ill at ease when they lie. Is he fidgeting with his hair, rubbing his eyes, fiddling with his neck tie or doing something of the sort which indicates nervousness?

Well if he is, you can be nearly 80 percent sure that he is lying to you, offer him a glass of water and if you feel he’s having a problem swallowing it down well then the score moves up to 90 percent. When the facial expressions and the words don’t relate, it’s a sure sign that one is lying, and so it is when one is trying to portray an emotion which doesn’t fit into place.

There are also minute facial expressions that you must observe such as a nervous twitching of the nose or lips, a blood rush on the cheeks, an overcast brow, and a shifting gaze and so on. All these signs indicate some amount of nervousness, anxiety and the fear of getting caught, which usually accompany a lie. Our eyes speak a lot about how conscious we are, so if he is lying he will find it difficult to look straight into your eye, while talking to you.

When somebody is lying they become overly defensive, and even a slight remark from you can make them overreact and take offense. And in most cases they’re likely to return the accusation that you had thrown at them.

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Sidharth Thakur