Is Your Man Possessive And Jealous?

One of the biggest problems in love relationships, for a woman, is getting stuck with a jealousy and possessive partner.

So we have here some help for you, so that you can find out whether the man you’re dating can turn into a jealous and possessive beast as your relationship heads on to more serious levels.

Most of these jealous and possessive guys are desperate to find a woman whom they can love and adore, but soon after they will begin to dominate over you and will try to alienate you from the rest of the world.

Essentially, most of these men like self-confidence and self-respect and thus they try to subjugate the woman and increase her dependency on themselves, so as to feel more confident and worthy. It’s difficult to spot such behavior in men at the very onset of the relationship, and the initial clues may become apparent only after your relationship has progressed a little.

Slowly you will begin discovering that he’s giving you lesser opportunities to be with your friends and your family and you end up spending most of the time in assisting him in things. Your personal life and your social life will soon take a backseat, and you’ll find that his likes and dislikes and his priorities have taken the driving seat after having locked up everything else in the boot.

Such men usually have a smart tactic to isolate you from your own friends and from your own priorities. Also most of these possessive and jealous guys usually follow the tactic of criticizing you to make your self-esteem dive low.

And then, they will make you believe that you are lucky to have a person like him around you even as you don’t really deserve somebody as good as him. Making you feel low about yourself, works in his favor since your low self-esteem prevents you from walking out on him and getting your life back on track.

Strangely, despite the fact that such men may keep you busy around them and may never want you to walk out of the relationship; you can’t ever expect them to trust you completely. Because, even if you talk with a male friend he may see it as a major threat to the relationship and he may begin behaving awkwardly.

Women always want a man who is protective and caring, and maybe even possessive to some extent, however when a man turns extremely possessive and jealous he may turn your life into a living hell and so you must step out of a relationship with such a man as soon as possible.

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Sidharth Thakur

  • neerja

    m heading on with a guy n found out that he is little bit jealous n all,i want to get on with him but in such a manner that i again starts to get in my friend circles n other priorities than him in a very dignified manner so that he won’t cause me any trouble in future n even if i want to break the situation wouldn’t get complex…..

    n please help me from men who always keeps coming to me telling that they love me a lot n bla bla….. tell me how turn them down so that they won’t disrupt my dail life and didn’t bother me with these stuffs………. please help. M waiting…….