Is Your Husband Emotionally Abusing You?

Most women don’t even realize when their partner begins emotionally abusing them, because emotional abuse often starts off as something subtle that you fail to notice. A recent study points out that in nearly one third of marriages the husband emotionally abuses the woman, buy not even 20% of these women realize that they are being emotionally abused.

How does it happen?

The worst thing about emotional abuse is that, without ever resorting to physical abuse, the man makes the women feel insufficient and diseased about her. The tactics he may adopt could vary from mild put-downs to avoidance and from mockery to contempt. A man uses his language and his behavior as the tools to degrading and attacking the self respect of a woman. During the initial phases it begins as scorn and tantrums.

He will try to make the woman feel stupid about her actions or words. But as the man gets more emotionally abusive he begins humiliating and verbally abusing the woman. Yelling, calling names and shaming are all the techniques a man uses to attack on a woman’s self esteem.

And as things move on he may come downright to intimidating and threatening the woman. Completely avoidance, both physical and verbal is also seen in a lot many cases of emotional abuse.

The victimized woman

All this while the woman goes on to believe that she is not doing things the right way and that she is constantly making mistakes, although in reality she may be doing nothing wrong. And if she ever tries to defend her stance, the emotionally abusive man resorts to volatile verbal attacks, to make sure that the woman feels guilty about whatever is happening. And this tiptoeing slowly starts taking a toll on the women’s mental being and they often slide into depression, low self esteem, broken confidence and such other mental issues.

Why do men emotionally abuse their women?

A broad look a the different cases of emotional abuse tells us that in most cases a man resorts to emotional abuse because of his own deficiencies and insecurities. Whenever a man finds himself in a tight spot he tries to make the woman feel that she is the one responsible for his problems. When he is lacking in any ways, he uses emotional abuse as a way to feel better about himself. If a man is insecure about the relationship and fears that the woman will leave him, he again uses emotional abuse to break her down emotionally and thus make her to lean on him.

Sidharth Thakur