Is Your Cleanser Itching and Hurting Your Skin?

Winter is time of snow, winter is the time of sweaters, winter is the time for celebrations and winter is the time for dryness of the skin. The cause for this dryness is the drop of humidity in the air.

Many people change their moisturizers for solving the problem, but are you aware that the real criminal might just be your conditioner?

Remember, if you are experiencing burning, redness, pain, or cracking of your skin, you may be using an ill-suited skin cleanser.

The epidermis of your skin includes a fats layer that is vital for preventing moisture from disappearing out of the skin. Most of the Foaming cleansers as well as your usual bar soap strip your skin off those fats, leading to dryness of the skin – and that damaged; dry skin is also not able to defend itself from allergens and irritants.

Now, the million dollar question, which of the cleansers is best suited for dry skin in this season?

If you are not of the greasiest skin type, you must avoid cleansers that froth too much. There are quite a natural skin care lines available in the market which comprise brilliant moisturizing cleansers, they can help to fortify your skin with the essential fatty acids needed for your skin.

You might be walking away from the so-called “cleansing oil”, however they are really a excellent option for predominantly dry skins.

If you are of the type they call Combination Skin – which is, skin that is oily at the T-zone while dry on the cheeks, you are perfectly suited for the hydrating cleansers available in the market.

Actually, too much of cleansing or that with hard scrubs irritates your skin and aggravates dryness. Studies show that the moisturizing cleansers are very beneficial for the people with dry skin in these winter months.