Is your boyfriend playing games with you?


Lots of women trust their boyfriends blindly, but you must understand that there are lots of guys out there who want to be with you just to have some good time and nothing more. Such men may have circled the block many times and they know how to trap gullible girls. So, read through to be sure that your boyfriend in not taking you for a ride, like he may have done with a dozen more girls earlier in life. Here are some signs that your boyfriend is playing games with you.

•    If your boyfriend doesn’t like your surprise visits to his work place or his home, then there is something fishy for sure, because his objections imply he is trying to hide something from you.
•    If your boyfriend refuses to meet on some specific days of the week, it could be he sees someone else on those days, so get your detective nerves working.
•    If he loves to meet you in secluded and far off places, avoiding most public places within the city, then there sure is a strong reason why he doesn’t want to be seen with you.
•    He avoids talking about his past life, past relationships and his family. A man who is not serious about his relationship wouldn’t want to discuss personal things like these with you, since he’s got only a short term plan with you. Even if you bring up such topics he will avoid talking and try to deviate from the topic.
•    If he is never willing to spend the entire day right from morning to late evening, together with you. A guy, who is there to play games with you, will never be able to spare out more than 5-6 hours with you.
•    He is secretive on his cell phone, and usually walks off to a safe distance to listen to his phone calls. He may also not let you touch or fiddle with his cell phone or his laptop.
•    He changes his appointments with you very often; posing that something urgent at work is holding him back.
•    A boyfriend, who shows no interest in your friends or your family, isn’t there to be by your side for long.
•    He avoids the topic of you and him being together, he avoids talking about the two of you moving in together and is never game to talk about marriage and kids.

These are warning signs which say that your boyfriend is playing games with you; however don’t start doubting your boyfriend just because one of these signs is visible in your relationship. But when more then three of these signs are present, then you must do something to know about your boyfriend’s integrity.

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Sidharth Thakur