Is Your Boyfriend A Looser

Life is short, so you just can’t waste all your efforts and time on just one relationship. Not everyone is lucky enough to find the right partner in the first chance. But there sure are ways to ascertain whether or no the guy you’re dating is fit for a long term relationship.

It’s better to get a fair understanding of the guy, his life and his attitude, before getting into a committed relationship and then repenting later on.
Not every guy is a nice guy, and although he may seem magnetically attractive towards the beginning, soon all the magnetism may vanish and you may find yourself stuck with a looser, for life.

There can be nothing worst than having to see your life become miserable, with apparently no fault of yours, and for the only reason that the man you’re stuck up with is nothing but a looser.

Anyways, here are some signs of a looser and save your life before things turn irreparable.

Missing in action

If your guy goes missing when you need him most, that’s when you are stuck in some awkward situation; he is most likely a looser. Forget about him taking on the challenge of rescuing you out, he wont be there even to offer emotional support.

He plays the blame game

A man who shirks taking responsibility of his wrong doings, and instead tries to turn the situation around so that he can blame you for each and everything that’s gone wrong, cannot be described with any other word but ‘looser’.

He can’t take responsibilities

A man, who is incapable of taking on responsibilities, challenges and performing duties, is certainly not the kind of man most women would want. So, if time and again you see your guy making excuses just to avoid taking on responsibilities, you need to begin thinking whether you can really lead a good life with such a looser.

Makes you feel vulnerable

A guy, who lacks confidence in himself, won’t be able to respect and love you for what you are. His inner insecurities will keep chewing on him and the outcome will be that he will talk nonchalant about you, quite often pointing out a dozen flaws in you and making you feels inadequate in every possible way. That’s when you got to act quickly of else he may slowly push you into a state of depression just to gain control over your life and to hide away his insecurities.

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Sidharth Thakur