Is Wearing High Heels Good For You?

Wearing high heels is an important part of fashion. They make a woman look taller, attractive and sexy. They complete your look for any event or that special date with your partner. They make your legs look longer, feet look smaller and toes appear shorter.

They not only help you to gain a few inches of height, but also change your posture making it more upright or straight. They also help your lower legs look more defined and toned. As a whole, they add to your overall personality and dressing, making you more appealing and beautiful.

No doubt, high heels have made a special place in fashion. But even when high heels can claim of so many good points or benefits that they present to you, there are many drawbacks of these high heels which can make you think twice before you indulge in them.

Medical practitioners or doctors are strictly against high heels. According to podiatrists, high heels have increased the number of foot or knee problems among women. High heels are held responsible for many medical problems, some of which are quite severe. High heels can cause severe foot pain.

Sometimes these foot pain are temporary and they do not affect you or your life in any manner and neither are they symptom of any severe ailment or problem. But often wearing high heels lead to much more serious problems and do not limit themselves to acute foot pain. Problems such as bunions, hammer toes, blisters, corns, osteoarthritis etc can occur due to wearing high heels.

They harm the knee joint of the wearer and also increase the chances of fractures or sprains in legs or foot. Some of the problems long last and some of them even accompany you for a life time.

Apart from that, there are many other disadvantages of wearing high heels. Not only they change your pace of walk and make you slower, but they also prevent you from running. They can also be extremely uncomfortable to wear or use.

Thus, you should always evaluate the risks involved with wearing high heels and compare the dangers with the necessity of wearing them and take a decision accordingly.