Is Thyroid Responsible For Your Hair Loss?


hairloss_treatment Hair loss can occur due to a range of reasons, such as poor eating habits, the use of wrong hair care products, medical conditions, hormonal changes, age, exposure to pollution and even stress. But when you’re suffering hair loss and most of the other reasons have been ruled out, chances are that you may be suffering hair loss because of a thyroid problem at hand.

If your hair loss is severe, and you can’t find a plausible reason then you can always consult your doctor to find out whether your hair loss could be linked to an underlying thyroid problem. If you’re already aware that you’re suffering from thyroid problem, then you can be quite sure that hair loss may be because of this problem.

Now before we talk a bit more about what are the possible things that you can do to prevent and curb hair loss problem resulting from thyroid disease, let’s emphasize that although thyroid maybe the prime reason for your hair loss problem the answer isn’t restricted to undergoing a thyroid medical treatment.

The medication

As for curing the problem completely, you will need to get yourself checked by the doctor who may recommend a few blood tests to confirm that you’re suffering from thyroid. And in case the test comes out positive, then he will put you on to some thyroid medication.  Now if, even after a few months of taking the medicine regularly you still experience hair shedding, then you’ll need to consult your doctor once again.

Different medicines effect different people in a different way, and so your doctor might have to change the prescription once or twice, to see what is suiting you best. Thyroid medication is a little strong and its excessive and prolonged use can lead to a number of side effects, with the primary indicating signs being low morale and excessive fatigue.

Make these added efforts

While the medication does its job, and begins treating your thyroid problem from inside you can follow some alternative methods to help with your hair loss problem. Evening primrose oil is believed to be the most potent solution to treat thyroid related hair loss. This is meant for external usage and you need to massage it into your scalp at least two or three times a week. Green tea is another solution, and its regular consumption aids in punching up the antioxidant defense of your body. Taking vitamin supplements, especially vitamin B6 has also proven to be fruitful in thyroid related hair loss.

Sidharth Thakur

  • Most of the diseases cause hair loss but I think this problem can be dealt with by taking minimal care on hair with the advice of an expert.