Is Spotting and Bleeding Normal During The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Most pregnant women experience occasional bleeding or spotting when they are still in their first trimester, and it’s believed to be absolutely normal.

However when this phenomenon occurs continues even as you are in your second trimester of the pregnancy, it may not always be normal and so you must solicit some medical advice to rule out any complications. Bleeding and spotting is rare in the second semester, and turn out to be problematic if this isn’t happening because of one of following reasons, where such occurrence is deemed to be normal and of not much significance.

These are the causes of bleeding and spotting during second trimester of pregnancy:

Because of sex:

If you had sex within the last 24 hours, mild spotting may occur due to the bursting of tiny capillaries located in the vagina. If the bleeding is because of sex, then it will be very mild and will disappear within a day’s time. And although there is no need to panic in such a case, talking to your physician should leave you more at ease that your pregnancy is not at stake. And well if this bleeding continues for longer than a day or is more than mere specs then you must make an immediate visit to your physician’s clinic.

Having undergone a vaginal examination:

If you visited your physician during the day and he conducted a vaginal examination, mild bleeding may occur the very same evening or latest on the next day. Here again the bleeding will be very mild and mostly in the form of small specks in your panties, and in case its more and accompanied by  pain or discomfort you’ll do good to get back to the clinic.

These are the only two instances, in which bleeding and spotting may be considered to be normal, during the second trimester of your pregnancy. In both the cases the spots will appear a brown and scant. But if the spots are bright red and the amount of blood is more than a few drops then you need to rush for medical help immediately, because this kind of bleeding could be suggestive of a miscarriage or preterm. This kind of bleeding wont stop on its own and you shouldn’t even think about trying any self medication, whether oral or topical, in such cases.