Is It Really Possible To Make Your Open Marriage Work?

open-marriage Open marriages are the hottest topic for debate. There are several magazines and talk shows, on TV, that talk about how open marriages have become the norm of the day.

Gone are the days when two people fell in love, got married and lived with each other for the rest of their lives.

Today’s truth is somewhat different, with numerous temptations around, people are always baffled about which way to go. Monogamy has become a concept of the past; something founded by religion and society and which has lost its meaning in the present age. The present trend can easily get you written off as out fashioned if you stick around with your spouse for too many years.

Can such arrangements work?

Any time a couple wants to turn their marriage into an open marriage, the two of them sit down and discuss the rules that will apply to their new arrangement. And since, they are making a fresh beginning they are bound to be excited about how wonderful it will be to enjoy with other people. And in this state of excitement the two of you may decide to be open and candid about whatever you do outside, and may show intense willingness to follow all the rules strictly.

However, these rules will take a backseat once you begin lurking around in the outside world. As time passes by, you will not even realize the guilt of bending and breaking these rules.

The more seriously get involved with some outsider, the more likely you are to flex the arrangement to suit your convenience. But if that’s what keeps on happening, very soon the two of you may want to part ways and end your marriage.

But if you want your open marriage to work successful, then you must maintain healthy and constant communication with your spouse. If the both of you agree to make changes in the rules, well and good, else don’t go beyond what you committed to each other during the initial arrangement.

Open marriages can work only if, both of you remain loyal to the arrangement. However, such arrangements cannot go on for ever, because sooner or later one of you may start feeling emotionally about your outside friend and that with slowly eat into your marriage.