Is infant massage beneficial for my baby?

Giving your baby a full-body oil massage before bathing, is very beneficial to the kid. And to give your baby a little message, you needn’t be a professional masseur. Baby massage techniques are easy to learn, and there is ample information on the internet, supplemented with photos and videos, to help the parents to learn infant massage techniques. But for now we will be talking about how beneficial infant body massage is.

Improved blood circulation

Since the baby has to keep on lying all day, and cannot be made to exercise, giving him a body massage will help in improving his blood circulation. There is no need to emphasize on how important good blood circulation is to keep a person in good health, because we all know it, already. As the blood flow increases to the limbs, you will see that your baby’s growth and development will speed up. And besides the overall improvement you may see in your child’s health, because of regular body massage, one major benefit is that the infant will not develop bed sores and diaper rashes.

Distressing and relaxation

Giving your infant a body massage will make him more relaxed and happier. Just like adults, infants too experience stress, and infant massage may be very helpful in de-stressing the baby and making him more cheerful and relaxed. It is seen that after a massage the babies drift into sleep very easily, and they usually enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep. It is also believed that infants who are given body massage regularly, experience colic and gastric problems less frequently.

Soft and supple skin

Regular massage will make your infants skin soft and supple. Also the infant is less likely to face skin problems like rashes and dry patchy skin.

Builds a bond

Giving your infant a body massage is a nice way to interact with your baby on a one to one basis and to strengthen the bond between the two of you. This daily interaction will make the baby more familiar with your touch and it certainly is a great way to build a deeper and a more intense bond between you and your baby.

Sidharth Thakur