Is He The Right Man For You?

All right, you have found this handsome dude who is successful professionally, is nice to talk to and is loaded with money, but you’re still kind of confused about whether he is the perfect man for you. Undoubtedly you are a bit confused, whether you accept it or not, or else you wouldn’t have been reading this page.

In most budding relationships, women go around scanning the man, in question, to dig up what kind of a character the man is, during the first two or three dates. Sadly, most men, particularly the shrewd breed, are well aware of this women’s psychology and quite obviously they’ll display a sound character which scores high on all rating scales. I’m not saying that you can’t spot imperfections in a man’s character in the first few meetings, nevertheless it’s quite easy for any man to manipulate his character according to your taste, hiding away all the flaws.

In most cases, women look for wrong signals or wrong traits when trying to gauge the worthiness of a man. It’s no point being on your toes to catch his very first lie or trying to examine all his words under a microscope to read his mind. During a normal conversation, men can easily make you believe what they want you to believe.

The ideal time to check on a man’s character and disposition is when he is emotionally excited whether because of happiness or because of anger. We’re not talking about minor upsets or laughing on a joke, we’re talking about intense emotions or what may be described with the word “overwhelmed”. Only at such moments you can see the real side of him, that how he manages himself, what his approach towards other people and life is and how well can he balance his emotions.

Men of this generation are smart and know how to make any woman feel special, but it is basic male psychology to get harsh with women when they are upset. And that puts a big question mark on the long term relationship.

Now, to judge him in this way you definitely need to spend more time with him because obviously you can’t intentionally pick up a fight with him to find out how he reacts. So let your relationship developed slowly, there’s no point in rushing into one and then spending weeks sulking over a broken relationship. After all you’re looking for a man who can make you feel both safe and special when you are with him.

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Sidharth Thakur