Is Hair Loss Bothering You? : Then This Might Help

hairloss_treatment Blame the new lifestyle or blame the changed environmental factors, but the fact remains that hair loss in women has been on the rise over the past one or two decades.

Most women experiencing hair loss go wondering as to why they’re facing the problem of hair loss. The reasons can be many, but in most cases it is androgenic alopecia which usually affects women around menopause. Around menopause a woman’s body experiences tremendous hormonal changes and that’s what leads to hair loss.

Apart from alopecia, hair loss may occur due to skin and scalp related problems, causing your hair to fall quicker than normal. On an average you shed about 80 to 100 strands a day, but when you’re suffering from hair loss you will find almost bunches of hair falling out in every washing and combing session.

Being on steroids and heavy medications is also known to trigger hair loss.  Apart from these, poor hair health because of improper eating habits or because of following the wrong hair care program may also be the reasons for your hair loss problem.

The two drugs that can help

Whether it is a man or a woman, who is experiencing hair loss problem, the course of best treatment remains nearly the same. Apart from oral medication that your doctor may recommend, the two most commonly used external application drugs are Rogaine and Minoxidil.

Rogaine in particular has shown some excellent results in treating hair loss in women. Also Minoxidil is an equally promising drug, and both these can be had over the counter as they are approved as being absolutely safe by the FDA.

What’s more

Medications and special hair care treatments targeted at treating hair loss are undoubtedly effective, but their efficacy can be doubled up by making some minor healthy changes in your everyday lifestyle and your everyday hair care program. Healthy diet, sound sleep and regular exercise are some of the basic things that can reduce your hair loss problem.

Sidharth Thakur