Is Cesarian Section The Easier Way to Child Birth?

One out of three births in the US is through the Cesarian section, according to a recent research. Cesarian section is of higher risk, according to the statistics although there would be more arguments in favor of the natural births. Ladies who are older in age or have child births later in life mostly have to go for the Cesarian section.

In case of multiple child births Cesarian sections have to be done too. After a Cesarian section vaginal birth is not allowed by some physicians for safety measures. So the women are generally given one option. Most women go for a Cesarian section but it is not by choice. In case of breech babies where the legs are below and tend to come out first, Cesarian section is imperative. Some women often try to go through the natural birth process but when the labor fails midway, they have no other way than to opt for the Cesarian section.

It is a major surgery and all surgeries run a risk. Yet it is meant for the safety of the mother and the baby and it is often safer with a Cesarian section than it is with a vaginal birth. Women are informed about the risks from beforehand and they are usually guided by the doctors about the post operative care. So the Cesarian section rate is on a ride. The numbers of the Cesarian section are going up because it is a way by which women could be safer than in natural birth hazards.

The World Health Organization is of the opinion that the countries should not have a higher birth rate through Cesarian section, not more than 15 per cent. There are some unnecessary cases of Cesarian sections too.

There are some conditions where you can have a hundred per cent confidence that the Cesarian section birth was a measure for life saving like in my sister’s case where during the birth of her first and only child she was suffering from severe hyper tension. Natural birth was out of the question and Cesarian section also had its hazards. Yet she came out successfully through all that.

It depends much on the doctor who must decide the condition of the patient as it stands during or after labor. The doctors often remove the baby through an external procedure called the cephalic version. It is only an experienced doctor who can decide your condition and guide you through the most hassle free child birth.