Ionic Foot Bath

A foot bath that helps to draw out the toxins which have accumulated in your body, & thereby balance the energy is called an ionic foot bath.

The ionic foot bath draws out the bodily toxins through the feet. Every day our body is exposed to a variety of pollutants. Over a period of time, this constant exposure to pollutants leads to ‘toxins accumulation’ in our body.

Some of these bodily toxins are removed from our system  every time we sweat. But this accounts for a very small amount. If you are hard pressed for time but want to relieve your system of these harmful toxins, then you should definitely go in for this new age treatment.

An ionic foot bath is basically a tub which has been filled with warm water through which a low intensity current is transmitted. As the low watt current passes through the water, it causes the water to break into negative and positive ions through the process of osmosis.

The skin absorbs the negative ions which in turn attracts the positive ions. These ions neutralize the toxins in the body and release them through the tiny pores on the feet into the water inside the bath.

As the toxins are released, the water begins to change color. The amount of toxins which are released can directly affect the color of the water.

An ionic foot bath treatment normally takes thirty to forty minutes to complete and is one of the most relaxing ways of detoxifying the body.Besides removing the toxins from the body.

Ionic foot baths are also supposed to bring relief from joint pain and tenderness, general muscular pain, treats various sleep related disorders and can even improve the general energy levels of the body. Heavy metals which tend to build up in the body over a period of time are also removed by the ionic foot baths.

Ionic foot bath also help to boost your immune system, improves memory, improves the functioning of vital organs like the kidneys and liver, cures a variety of skin conditions and can even remove the material which causes blood clots to form.

Children under the age of five, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not go in for the ionic foot bath treatment.