Interesting Ways To Stop Toddlers From Whining

Stop Toddlers From Whining

Stop Toddlers From Whining No parent needs to be told how irritating whining can be. It is one thing that drives you crazy and the last thing you want to encounter after a tired day at work.

Kids can be very stubborn that they sometimes refuse to stop until they have got the thing for which they whine. It is a traumatic period for parents to calm and console a whining child. Many fail in this attempt and go on a spanking and shouting spree which they regret later.

Are you a parent who is looking for ways to control a whining toddler? You have hit the right spot. Here are some ways by which you can devise strategies that will keep your child away from whining and also provide some peace and calm in the house and for the neighbours as well.

Be Patient

Most of the time a parent who is aggressive when a child starts whining will be met with more aggressiveness from the child’s part. This has been proven true in many cases. The best way to deal with a whining child is to be patient and gentle on him. Relax and lift him up. If he is a toddler, he will definitely want to tell you why or for what reason he has got annoyed. If it is something you can help him with, then just help him get what he whines for.

For younger kids, whining can just be an attention seeking gimmick. You could have gotten too busy with your house hold chores and he must have felt neglected. All he needs is a lifting up and a few hugs and kisses on his cheeks and he will be perfectly alright. Be patient with whining kids and they will be fine.

Find Out the Triggers

Toddlers just go on a whining spree for anything and everything. They mostly do not know how to communicate their needs. As a parent you can easily identify the triggers that cause their whining. This could be hunger, sleepiness, boredom or plain tiredness. Watch your child as to why he always whines and you can recognise the things and situations that he starts whining for.

If it is an attention seeking behaviour, make sure that you keep him engaged or talk to him constantly while you work and keep him near you so that he does not feel lonely and left out. If it is for other things, identify his gestures. A sleepy child will have droopy eyes and would lie on your shoulder as you hold him. Likewise hunger and boredom can be detected with his body language.

Be Firm

Ways To Stop Toddlers From Whining

For kids who are older and stubborn, getting a little firm does not harm in any way.  Make them understand that their behaviour is completely inacceptable and loathsome and let them know that you will not listen to their request until they stop whining. If she stops whining you can praise them for their good behaviour and listen to their request.

If they do not stop whining, be firm and show that mummy will not be influenced by their whine anymore. Let them know that their bad behaviour is not acceptable and cannot influence you. Stare at them calmly and allow them to whine until they stop. Once he stops whining, you can attend to him. This will make sure that he understands that whining is not a short cut to have his way.


Though this seems a bad idea, children who are extremely stubborn can be dealt with this way instead of going on a beating and aggressive behaviour. Ignore them completely when they whine. They might increase their tantrums for a while, but this should not allow you to budge and let go.

Let them be ignored until they stop. In the meanwhile you can calmly be around them and do your tasks without looking at him. Eventually they will slow down their whining when they know that they are not making any impact or progress on their behaviour. Once they stop the whining, you can slowly lift them up and tell them how angry and annoyed you have been and how happy you are now that she has stopped whining and stated smiling. This will let them know that smiling is a better habit than whining.

Shower Him With Praises and Love

This has to be done once your child stops whining and not when he starts whining. Showering him with praises and giving him lots of hugs and kisses when he does not whine will let him know which behaviour is acceptable and which is not. Do not shower him with love when he whines as this will give him the wrong impression.

When they stop whining make it clear through your behaviour that you will listen only when he is in a good mood and talk in a normal tone and not when he whines. Ask them what they have been whining for and encourage them to make his desires clear with other gestures and not through whining.

Mimic Him

Sounds funny! But most mothers would vouch for the fact that mimicking the kids when they whine will immediately make them stop whining even if it is for a few seconds. These few seconds is all you need for changing his attention to something. Most children get confused when they hear their sound being mimicked. Some start laughing when you too can laugh and the mood is changed already. Others just stare and wonder as to what is happening.

Tell her that this noise which she finds very unpleasant has annoyed mama as well and more often than not kids do understand a bit of what you are trying to communicate. Make sure that you do not mimic older children as they would feel offended by the whole idea.

Say Thank You

Let her know that you appreciate the fact that she has stopped whining or do not whine anymore. Appreciate her abundantly and give her small gifts to show your approval of her behaviour. Next time you will be surprised that she does not whine but waits for your appreciation and gifts.